Rooftop Alternative K-8 School

Art Is... Expression


“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”  

Albert Einstein



noun  /ikˈspreSHən/ 

expressions, plural

1. The process of making known one's thoughts or feelings

2. The conveying of opinions publicly without interference by the government

3. The look on someone's face that conveys a particular emotion

4. The ability to put an emotion into words

5. A word or phrase, esp. an idiomatic one, used to convey an idea

6. The style or phrasing of written or spoken words

7. The conveying of feeling in the face or voice, in a work of art, or in the performance of a piece of music

8. A collection of symbols that jointly express a quantity

9. The appearance in a phenotype of a characteristic or effect attributed to a particular gene

10. The process by which possession of a gene leads to the appearance in the phenotype of the corresponding character

11. The production of something, esp. by pressing or squeezing it out

Art Is... Expression.

This year, Rooftop explores how identity is shaped through the arts, as we seek and find connections to ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Art Is... is a Rooftop art education program that uses works of art to provide an inexhaustible resource for exploration, reflection and understanding.  The program actively engages students, supports learning across the curriculum, and builds critical thinking skills through “hands-on” art making, reflection and research.

Art Is... will bring works of art (music, dance, theater and visual art, with a focus on multicultural work) to all Rooftop students and develop partnerships between teachers, teaching artists, arts organizations and art parents to develop integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum that will support learning for all students.

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