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This year at Rooftop, our students will discover that Art Is... INNOVATION. 

With art, your child can soar with Walt Disney and Pixar, swing with Satchmo and Shelby, roar with Sendak’s Wild Things, mix magic potions with San Francisco Opera, puzzle over things missing with Ruth Asawa and Maya Lin, and realize the vision of the great muralists Orozco, Rivera, and Siqueiros.

We will discover how the arts define, imagine, and continue to shape our world, when every child captures the spirit of innovation.

Art Is...

is a Rooftop art education program that uses works of art to provide an inexhaustible resource for exploration, reflection and understanding.  The program actively engages students, supports learning across the curriculum, and builds critical thinking skills through “hands-on” art making, reflection and research.

Art Is...

will bring works of art (music, dance, theater and visual art, with a focus on multicultural work) to all Rooftop students and develop partnerships between teachers, teaching artists, arts organizations and art parents to develop integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum that will support learning for all students.

This website is created to assist teachers, parents and students in their classroom study.




To begin or introduce (something new) for or as if for the first time.

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We believe that all children deserve to live an Artful life.