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Rooftop Art 2007-2008 


is a Rooftop art education program that uses works of art to provide an inexhaustible resource for exploration, reflection and understanding.  The program actively engages students, supports learning across the curriculum, and builds critical thinking skills through “hands-on” art making, reflection and research.

ART IS... will bring works of art (music, dance, theater and visual art, with a focus on multicultural work) to all Rooftop students and develop partnerships between teachers, teaching artists, arts organizations and art parents to develop integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum that will support learning for all students.

This website is created to assist teachers, parents and students in their classroom study.


Art is another kind of language that we use when the usual ways of communicating — through words alone — are inadequate in expressing the complexity of an idea or an experience.

Memory is key to identity, and memories can shape a child's perception of his/her self in relationship to the world.   When children are taught to use the materials of art making — text, images, sound and movement — and given the space, time and freedom to connect learning to their personal experience — they also learn to think AND feel, on their own, for themselves.  Through artistic process and reflection, memory shapes the possibilities for the present and the future.

Our students will explore the question,

“How do artists use a synthesis of words, images, sound and movement to give shape to memory?”

The following works of art will guide our exploration of art and memory:

Z Maya Lin’s “Systematic Landscapes”at the de Young Museum, and two new works at the California Academy of Sciences — “Where Land Meets Sea” and “What Is Missing”

Z “The Bonesetter’s Daughter,” a new opera by Amy Tan & Stewart Wallace, with a school performance by San Francisco Opera’s Adler Fellows

Z Altar-making and the traditions of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Z New music by Marcus Shelby, inspired by the history of the Civil Rights Movement and the speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Z Poetry by U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan

Z “WALL•E” Pixar’s newest film about the last working robot on Earth

Z Mel Chin’s “Fundred Dollar Bill Project”


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