About Us

ArtsEd4All (Arts Education for Awareness and Life-long Learning) is an informal collective of educators, artists, scientists, civic institutions and community organizations, who enjoy working together to create meaningful arts experiences for all to enjoy.

Judy Toupin, Mary Ann Cruz & Andi Wong working The Wayforward Machine at the Decentralized Web Summit 2018 in the Old Mint in San Francisco.

ArtsEd4All partners Mary Ann Cruz, Judy Toupin & Andi Wong first began working together at Rooftop Alternative K-8 School in San Francisco. With a collective knowledge gained from many years of working in public school classrooms, we had lots of fun, finding new ways to build community through awesome experiences in art-making. At the time, we wondered “What might happen if our love of learning could extend beyond the school walls and the ringing of bells?

“Art is for everybody… It is not something that you should have to go to the museums in order to see and enjoy.”

— Ruth Asawa

Today, we are all retired from teaching, but we still love learning. We are grateful that the arts have enriched our lives, and we value the importance of the arts to the human experience.

This ArtsEd4All website freely shares the knowledge that has been gained through our collective experience.

Anything you do

Let it come from you

Then it will be new

Give us more to see…

— Stephen Sondheim, “Move On,” from Sunday in the Park with George

Exploring the edge” with the Archive/Opera class at The Studio at Mayeda.

The Studio (2016-2018) was an experimental, creative space created from scratch, where children were invited to explore, experiment and experience the pleasures of play and active learning.

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