Arts Education for Lifelong Learning

ArtsEd4All is an informal collective of educators, artists, scientists, civic institutions and community organizations, who enjoy working together to create meaningful arts experiences for all to enjoy.

Partnership & Projects

A sampling of the ongoing work, created with our partners.

The Last Hoisan Poets

The Last Hoisan Poets – Genny Lim, Flo Oy Wong and Nellie Wong trace their roots to China’s Hoisan villages, home of the Hoisan-wa Chinese dialect. They conduct special poetry readings in English and Hoisan-wa to pay homage to their mother language which is at risk of fading from memory.

About Genny Lim

About Flo Oy Wong

About Nellie Wong

Del Sol Quartet: The Angel Island Project

San Francisco’s Del Sol Quartet believes that music can, and should, happen anywhere – Del Sol’s performances provide the possibility for unexpected discovery, sparking dialogue and bringing people together.

“Angel Island Insight” explores the history of the Angel Island with a suite of virtual and in-person programs examining the musicality of the disappearing Hoisan-wa dialect by The Last Hoisan Poets and The Del Sol Quartet.

First Voice

Since 1976 Brenda Wong Aoki and Mark Izu have played a central role in the evolution of Asian American Art. They founded First Voice in 1997, with a mission to create, present and contribute the stories and music of people living between worlds.

Enjoy our showcase of digital collages created with music by Mark Izu, narration by Brenda Wong Aoki, and photography by Mark Shigenaga.

Civic Season: “We The Arts”

From Juneteenth to the 4th of July, #CivicSeason invites participation in a new summer tradition for learning and action co-designed with Gen Z, the future inheritors of our democracy. ArtsEd4All shares a menu of in-person and online events that encourage civic engagement through the arts. 

Read the Civic Season Report: The Art of Changemaking

The Blue Marbles Project

When you get your Blue Marble, you’ll know what to do! Together, we’re changing the world, one Blue Marble at a time.

Check out our ImageSnippets gallery of Blue Marble pictures with stories sharing the many ways that people all over the world are helping to care for our one and only Blue Marble.

Gatherings for Good: DWeb Camp

DWeb Camp is a five-day retreat for builders and dreamers to connect, learn, share and have fun as we work towards building a better, decentralized web. A web that actualizes the principles of trust, human agency, mutual respect, and ecological awareness.

A FlowGallery of memories from DWeb Camp 2023 was gathered and recorded in The Book of Tomorrow.

ArtsEd4All @

Peruse our growing collection of documents, images, recordings and videos — art-making moments and memories preserved.

ArtsEd4All Bookshop

Looking for a good book? Browse our reading lists!

The ARTchive

An Arts Education Preservation Project documenting a century of arts education in San Francisco public schools with stories and artifacts, collected from 1923 to 2023.

The Canvas

A space for musing

A library is an act of faith…

Watch, Read, Listen

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